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Baby Bam and G (Afrika Baby Bam from Jungle Brothers)

Baby Bam and G (Afrika Baby Bam from Jungle Brothers)

Baby Bam and G EP released on Mi5 Recordings Universal Music Group. The prolific MC Afrika Baby Bam is from the Group “the Jungle Brothers” and New Yorker Guitarist Producer G have produced a hip hop EP mixed with alternative rock.

Nathaniel Hall, better known by his stage name Afrika Baby Bam, is an American hip hop artist, born in Brooklyn, New York, and was part of the hip-hop group the Jungle Brothers. He was named in honor of Afrika Bambaataa. Afrika Baby Bam is known to constantly reinvent himself as an artist both musically and as a performer. He is also known as Afrika, Baby Bam, and most recently B.A.M. He has three children Cree Hall, Chloe Hall,and Cayla Hall to his now ex-wife Nancy L. Chase. He now travels the world as a nomad and is currently in Austria.

Music career

Bam started out as a member of the Jungle Brothers. The group was formed in 1986 with his friends from Brooklyn, Mike G and Sammy B. Their first hit was “Straight out the Jungle” followed by the dance music hit “I’ll House You.” Bam also helped form the hip-hop super group Native Tongues whose members included Queen Latifah and Q-Tip. The Jungle Brothers’ first concert was at Wembley Stadium to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.

Solo career

Bam has most recently been performing in Massachusetts while he has been establishing his new production company, Ravensclaw Productions. He is also associated with a new movement called the Pagan Society. He has deviated from the traditional hip-hop community to establish himself as an artist involving himself in many collaborations including musical, video and art.

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