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Secret Agent – Buenos Aires Int’l Airport

Chapter 4. Blistering beats from the hot tarmac. Stratospheric code for a thermonuclear guitar. We can see everything better from up there.

SECRET AGENT is a mind-bending rush of electronica, psychedelia, lounge and surf, all mixed up like double agents in a vat of piranhas. For fans of Massive Attack, Portishead, Björk, Chemical Brothers, Air, Thievery Corporation, Propellerheads, Stereolab, The Prisoner.

For Further Updates, Request Security Clearance from the Home Office.
(c)(p) 2020 Secret Agent / Mi5 Recordings (Universal)
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Buenos Aires International Airport

Recorded at an undisclosed location.
Mastered at The Cutting Room, NYC

Music and Video by Mr. Big
Special Agent John Chmaj – Flute
Special Agent Robert Holmes – Guitar

Special thanks to Field Agents Tim Lucas and Patrick Ermlich.

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